ABOUT brown’s Cows
art projects

brown’s Cows is an artist centred agency and art process that generates issue-based works and projects where context and internal dynamics are integral to the meaning of the work.
We arrange opportunities of extended scope for innovative approaches of imaginative engagement with the structures of creative thought, poetically, physically and philosophically. Brown’s cows ruminate.

Our collaborative projects follow an ecological aesthetic/ethical model, and may be process-based or hybrid cross-format practice. Brown’s cows are genetically predisposed.

brown’s Cows is interested in playing a catalytic and engaged role in generating, through artists’ projects, an immediacy of experience in contemporary cultural and social issues. Projects, symposiums and research undertaken by brown’s Cows are often time-based, open-ended and dialogical. Brown’s cows roam freely.

Based at Mangrove Mountain near Gosford in New South Wales, brown’s Cows is errant, with a regional as well as international range. It is an extension, continuation and development of Synapse Art Initiatives Inc. (founded 1993).