Lee, Ji-eon
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Summary descriptions of some recent performances.

Fado (波竇) - dancing alone 2004
duration 15min choreography Lee, Ji-eon
music Oh, Dae-hwan costume Kim, Na-yeon

This dance work “Fado” tells of the uniquely Korean emotion, ‘Han’ (a mixed feeling of sorrow and regret), combined with desire, adoration, nostalgia, grief and solitariness. It takes its name from the Portuguese traditional music “Fado”, a name derived from the Latin, ‘Fatum’, meaning sorrowful fate.

The Chinese component of the title is composed of the characters ‘波’ which means wave, and ‘竇’, which means a waterway. In this piece fate, nostalgia, adoration and separation surge with wave-like power from the deep heart of solitariness.

The expression of this emotional current resolves in solace from fateful longing.

luminopher (luminophor+kopfer) 2005
time 15min choreography Lee, Ji-eon
media production Park, Sang-hyun

Performing in the dark, the dancer has lights on the wrists and elbows, which intermittently and rhythmically illuminate the hands feet and face. The lights are coordinated with computer mediated sound to dramatize both the physical movements and the changing dimensions of the space.

Luminopher works with a metaphor of experience being a fragmented perceived reality from which we imaginatively compose an emotionally resonant personal narrative as “reality”.

The small lights do not illuminate the whole of the body, but limit the view to parts, and hence an unfamiliar experience of seeing hands and feet in the air moving independently.

The invisible movements and actions that give meaning to what is observed, and the moving shadows in dimly lit emptiness and shades of darkness, that comprise the arena of action, background the culmination of the piece in a soundless emotional soliloquy.

Ewha (梨花)
performance time 10min.
choreography Lee, Ji-eon
music shijo (korean verse) “Ewha-e...”

The motive of this work is an ancient poem titled “Pear Blossom Under Bright Moonlight” written by Jo-nyeon Lee (1269-1343), a scholar during the Koryeo Dynasty. The poem is about the neatness and whiteness of pear blossom, the fantasy and romance of bright moonlight, the mystical Milky-way at midnight, and the sorrowful pleading call of a bird voicing the sad and romantic ambiance of a spring night so to keep the poet from sleep.

impromptu 2005
performance time 20min.
choreography Lee, Ji-eon
piano Lee, Mi-yeon
haegeum Kang, Eun-il

This work is based on improvisation. However the meaning of impromptu is somewhat different from what we ordinarily mean by the word improvisation. Improvisation generally refers to an unpredictable activity whereas impromptu means ‘get ready’ or ‘immediate’.

In L’Impromptu de Versailles (1663) by Moliere, a work regarded as the beginning of improvised theater, actors and/or the director appear on stage to develop and improvise their own performances.
This dance piece Impromptu, gives improvisational scope to three artists: Miyeon, one of Korea’s representative avant-garde pianists; Kang, Eun-il, member of the musical group ‘Sang Sang’ and so-called diva of the haegeum (a Korean traditional stringed instrument); and Lee, Ji-eon, dancer/choreographer and leader of the Sixty Trees Dance Company.

The performance is based on the emotional flow and musical structure of Sanjo, a genre of Korean traditional music with improvisational qualities. A fusion between a western musical instrument, the piano, and a Korean traditional one, the haegeum is mediated, enhanced and embodied through the choreographer’s dance.

Looked around on the Hill 2001
performance time 27min.
choreography Lee, Ji-eon
music Oh, Dae-hwan
costume Kim, Mr-ree
set design Lee, Hyun-woo

In this piece, the choreographer addresses what are for her the essential concepts of dance: that dance on stage is an expression through art of the dance that is life.

The work is based on two concepts: “the other side of the world” and “dream of a butterfly”.

In a dream, a butterfly flies up to the hill
Then I follow it
There were neither butterfly nor hill
Where am I
I wake up and go down the hill
What would I see on the hill of boundary and discrimination?
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