brown's cows current project

The Reading Room Project (RRP: 0)

This project is simultaneously an art process and a locus of learning. It is intended to give a greater understanding of a significant area of contemporary art practice, loosely termed “socially engaged art”, and of dialogical methodology. It will also critically reflect upon these practices.

brown’s Cows people, as co-participants and facilitator/educators, will help frame and create an imaginative and safe place where diverse and sometimes diametrically opposed views can be aired and worked through. The Reading Room will be a ‘space of  opportunity’ for issues to be negotiated and discussed in a manner which is (one hopes) a micro-model of democratic practice.

The process will be open-ended and discursive.  In the course of the project the question of having some manifestation of the proceedings will arise (some realisation in a public form, e.g. event), but this is not the primary objective.

The brown’s Cows web-site will host readings and web-site links, and we will make use of e-mail to send, forward and exchange ideas arising from the readings, questions raised, responses, critiques and analysis; sharing in reflective conversation with a view to move understanding both further and deeper.

Readers (participants) will also meet regularly for more rounded conversation and communication.

The Reading Room project is premised on Praxis; doing plus critical reflection, learning as transformation, and dialogical aesthetics as a process of socially engaged generation of meaning.

RRP:0 is centred at Gosford and engages with the cultural ideology and social contexts emerging from a history of growth based economic rationalism and opportunistic development. It is also a response to the closing of the only Fine Arts degree program in the region, by making an opportunity for contemporary art issues to be discussed and explored.


Brown's Cows wishes to thank Kim, Myun-Ha for her invaluable help in updating the web-site and so making the project possible, and also for the essential work of documenting past projects for the archive.