Dawn Light Symposium

Dawn Light: A contemporary art symposium, was held in the city of Gosford and nearby regions of the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia, from the 13th to the 25th of September, 2005. MORE>

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synapse art initiatives

The artists' organization, Synapse Art Initiatives, was co-founded by Neil Berecry-Brown (AKA Neil Berecry) and Adrian Hall. It was incorporated as a non-profit association in 1993.
Due to changes in practice its incorporated status was eventually considered redundant, and lapsed circa 2000. However its spirit continues and many of the artists associated with Synapse continue to work together. MORE >

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DUCK (1997)
A polyvalent* art project.
*A term from linguistics or chemistry describing a capacity to link or bond with many other entities.

This project entailed breeding and training ducks, and exhibiting them at agricultural shows, art events and other sanctioned waterfowl venues. The ducks were kept at a farm at Mangrove Mountain N.S.W. where they were educated in aesthetics, cultural theory and deportment. MORE >

gift Certificate

The objective of this art project, organised by Synapse Art Initiatives together with the Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service, N.S.W. Blood Bank, was to assist the Blood Bank recruit donors and to involve the art community in an event that directly demonstrated altruism as an essential aspect of culture and social ecology. MORE >


Chimera, a conference organized by Synapse Art Initiatives, brought together individuals from ten countries in a spirit of speculation and pragmatism. They were invited for their significance in developing different, and perhaps more pertinent ways of thinking about the nature and role of art at this time, and its relation to cultural and societal change in the future. MORE >


Eco-poetics was an open-ended, process-based project of collaboration and trust. Two initial events were followed by regular site-visits. MORE >

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dog Trap Road Biennale

In 2000 a second event was held at Dog Trap Road, Somersby, the site of Eco-poetics. Smaller in scale than the 1998 gathering, Dog Trap Road Biennale revisited and reconsidered some of the ideas from the earlier event, as well as featuring some new works. MORE >


 May 31st. -June 10th. 1995

During this period, as a result of an inspired and generous invitation, Synapse used the gallery area of the Performance Space as a meeting and doing place. Unused to formal spaces, Synapse enacted with a degree of self-consciousness and some self~awareness the pragmatics of it's practice within the premises. The interconnected but open gallery areas daily flexed as: meeting point, gymnasium, office, lounge, conference room, dining room, and intergalactic H.Q.. MORE >

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ConVersations and DePartures

In February 1996, SynapseArt Initiatives, through its agent Neil Berecry, colonised its host the OR Gallery. It began by setting up a temporary office/"nerve centre" alongside the gallery office, and from there orchestrated a process of collaboration with local artists in an engagement with issues pertinent to contemporary art practice. He described as "a generative enterprise of creative collusion and cultural collaboration; a socio-dynamic orchestration in the cultural zone." MORE >



Synapse was developing an educational side to its activities and a pedagogical intention was imbedded in many of its projects. Now these concerns are being carried forward by brown’s Cows Art Projects in ways that reflect developments in the field of contemporary art, and of pedagogy. The following statement is taken from 1994 Synapse documents.
(NLBB August 2006) MORE >


GAP was an occasional newsletter that documented some of the Synapse projects as well as being a space for the presentation of other speculative forms.
Some of the surviving material is archived here, and will be added to as more is recovered.  (NLBB August, 2006)