A brown’s Cows hybrid art and agriculture project
Since 2001 Neil Berecry-Brown has been engaged in a long-term project at his property ‘Tibbermore’ at Mangrove Mountain, to develop a stabilised composite cattle breed (Belted Browns) as part of an integrated beef production and marketing plan. While this project is sited within the ambit of dialogical art practice, it is also part of a commercial beef production business.

The ‘three–way composite’ project involves all aspects of small scale farming with emphasis on value adding and sustainability. Areas of practice include, breeding, nutrition, animal welfare, selling and butchering, marketing and quality assurance.
This research-based project is in its initial stage – ‘genetics and aesthetics’.

It was initiated in response to the increasing economic pressures on smaller family farms from corporate agribusiness, global markets and environmental change. It is also an investigation into aspects of relational and dialogical aesthetics and socially engaged art practice.

As the project develops it will expand to include sectors of the farming industry, as well as artists and groups working with issues of sustainability, rural community and social values, genetics and ecology, aesthetics and art theory.

Related projects
Duck 1997, was a polyvalent art project run by Neil Berecry-Brown, with Synapse Art Initiatives and Krysia Majcher, which bred and exhibited Cayugas (an endangered domestic waterfowl breed).

Ducks were exhibited at Artspace, Sydney, at Eco-poetics (international art event, Somersby, NSW), at regional waterfowl shows and the Royal Agricultural Show, Sydney, (Champion Cayuga 2000), at the Mangrove Mountain Country Fair (with duck art works by local school children) and in the first edition of Australian Poultry Standards.

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