a curatorial perspective

Synapse was invited to occupy the Gallery at The Performance Space as part of a trilogy of events entitled cell.net.

I enjoyed Synapse mostly through the office window and daily trips through the gallery to the kitchen. From the moment Neil arrived with the pumpkins I knew they were onto something. In the two weeks that followed, of coffee tastings, dinners, faxed contributions and the daily exercise of beating up the punch bag – a steady stream of friends, guests, colleagues and curious performance audience members from the downstairs theatre passed through the gallery. Some knew what they were there for and immediately engaged in discussions with the Synapse members present; others had been invited to a specific task - a dinner, a coffee-tasting, and seemed sure of their ground though intrigued by the invitation. Punters off the street did not have such direct access, wandering around the gallery in a bemused way – with questions written on their faces - was this an office? a gallery? a performance? conceptual art at its most oblique? Which were the art works? who were the artists? I never heard any explanations - however casual conversational seductions seemed effective and many people stayed longer than usual and often returned.

Synapse's residency was more of a diplomatic coup than a revolution - always ready to respond and engage, extremely adaptable as to habitat and feeding needs - a chameleon occupation of a contemporary art space where it was delightfully hard to see where one began and the other ended.

Angharad Wynne-Jones

The Performance Space