Art and Agriculture

A brown’s Cows hybrid art and agriculture project
Since 2001 Neil Berecry-Brown has been engaged in a long-term project at his property ‘Tibbermore’ at Mangrove Mountain, to develop a stabilised composite cattle breed (Belted Browns) as part of an integrated beef production and marketing plan. While this project is sited within the ambit of dialogical art practice, it is also part of a commercial beef production business. MORE >

cows and clouds

The Reading Room Project (RRP: 0)

This project is simultaneously an art process and a locus of learning. It is intended to give a greater understanding of a significant area of contemporary art practice, loosely termed “socially engaged art”, and of dialogical methodology. It will also critically reflect upon these practices. MORE>

"at the still point,"

This cross-format art project takes, as its starting point, contemporary dance/choreography. The language of dance, being time-based, live and experiential; planned, improvised and embodied, provides an ideal matrix in which to examine emergent ideas in contemporary art and explorations in practice.

Participants, working from the themes established in an inaugural dance-based event, will produce hybrid, cross format artwork. Forms might include performance, spoken word, sound/music, digital imagery, installation, further dance, conversation, reflection and theoretical discussion.

Planning workshops are taking place in 2006, with performances and events beginning in 2007.

"at the still point..."   will be a progressive sequence of international events. The first, based on the choreography of Lee, Jieon, will be held Australia.

"at the still point..." , will be a process of engagement and experiential understanding. As such it will be an unfolding and discursive process, with meaning dependant on context and dynamics, with no preconceived conceptual closure. Its nature will change progressively and its direction will be unpredictable.

Details of co-participants and events will be posted as they are available.

("at the still point, there the dance is," From Four Quartets, T.S. Eliot)