Dawn Light Symposium

Dawn Light: A contemporary art symposium, was held in the city of Gosford and nearby regions of the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia, from the 13th to the 25th of September, 2005.

The event focused on cultural values regarding ‘nature’ in different cultures and the way in which societal change and historical depth play out in the formulation of options for the future.

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A central consideration was the idea of nature as a changing cultural construct in an increasingly global contemporary art environment.

Beginning from the position that nature defaults to culture, one of the objectives of Dawn Light was to examine the philosophical underpinnings that inform poetic expressions of contemporary cultural form in different societies.

As part of Dawn Light, a conference was held at the Ourimbah Campus of the University of Newcastle on the 24th of September.

Artists constructed site-specific work and made performances in the grounds of the Gosford City Regional Gallery. The indoor exhibition space presented other works by the artists.

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The exhibition remained until the 14th of October.

In recognition of the exchange relationship developed between the Nine Dragon Heads Symposium and directors Neil Berecry-Brown and Juliet Fowler-Smith, (Both brown’s Cows artists), Korea was the featured country in the symposium.
Other artists were from Japan, Australia and New Zealand; all countries that greet the new day together.

Dawn Light was funded by the New South Wales Government, the City of Gosford, the Australia Korea Foundation and Tibbermore (brown’s Cows).

Neil Berecry-Brown
Juliet Fowler-Smith
Tim Braham, Gosford Regional Gallery

International Advisory Group and

Park, Byoung-Uk, Korea
Ali Bramwell, New Zealand
Lee Ji Eon, Korea


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