Dog Trap Road Biennale

In 2000 a second event was held at Dog Trap Road, Somersby, the site of Eco-poetics.

Smaller in scale than the 1998 gathering, Dog Trap Road Biennale revisited and reconsidered some of the ideas from the earlier event, as well as featuring some new works.

An overview (literally from a chartered aeroplane) provided a distanced perspective of activities in the undergrowth, and in the clearings, a night screening of Eco-poetic images, and the Artspace symposium proceedings, provided the context for reflection, conversation and campfire story telling.

Participants – in person and represented.
Miriam Bos, Ailis O’Baoill (Ireland), Michelle Beevors, Christine Schmigel (USA), Margaret Roberts, Edin Numankadic (Bosnia) Juliet Fowler-Smith, Adrian Hall, Neil Berecry-Brown, Horst Kiechle and Heather Cornish.