Natural History – Field Notes

Synapse art initiatives.


G  e  n  e  r  a  l   C  o  m  m  e  n  t  s.


Common Name:         Synapse.  (A gap; between the nerve endings, the axons and dendrites. An absence. A locus of potential. A domain generating change. The frisson of contiguous ontologies: processes of thought and sensation.)


Nature: Mutable.
Structure: Flexible.
Habitat:  Ecotone – the Littoral zone.
Nearest Relative: The Chimera.
Character: Adaptable, gregarious, swims and flies well, sometimes nocturnal, active burrower, climbs well.

Condition: Pro-active, speculative.
Ecological Relationships: Symbiotic, viral, mitochondrial.
Attitude: Altruistic.
Movement: Rapid, agile, elusive.
Appearance: Surprising.
Distribution: Local.
Range: Global.
Food: Low nutrition adapted. Complex reciprocal relationships with other species. Opportunistic feeder.
Reproduction: By osmosis.
Longevity: Uncertain. Only observed specimen believed to be still in the larval stage.
Description: A merman in a red wig.

Feb. 1995.