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T o ;  Joan Fisher - Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

—————— A T : 0019 44 1 224 263 639

September 10, 1995

Hi Joan,

We were so pleased with the evening last Sunday. Thank you for accommodating our changes on time. Despite a square face at the process of the evening, the vagaries of simple technologies generated a delightful social exchange as well as generating great enthusiasm for the notions of Traces:Aberdeen to - from Sydney.

Our offerings possibly seemed more cynical I suspect because of a constant awareness here of distance and difference. Differing vastly from a strongly traditional family based society gives singularity to a group with a cemented sense of identity. Amongst us only three born Australians others variously Celtic, English, or New York American. To isolate the fragments of Scottish history here with obscure references and palpable lies within the images, was a treat. To further cast doubt on the sanctity of technology, the greatest sales pitch of all time, with obvious hoaxes and corny truths which are born of the happy wisdom seen in upside-down slides jammed in the carousel of life. This of
course gave rise to the ontological question - how do we know, what we know? But then swiftly followed by, how do we sense what you. see?

Embracing our limitations social and technologically and with some amused scepticism we responded to the visual and bizarre unicorn-?- shadows from Aberdeen. Neil Berecry coordinator Synapse, Liz Coates Artist, Stephen the TV art-anchorman, Kristen artist in residence at the Children's Hospital, sculptor Martin offtime axe-wielding intellectual, Adrian Hall – Synapse roadie, Judy Silver artist and psychic-consultant, Suzanne Bartos art therapist & sculptor. Where was Micheal Goldberg? (Caught out at Tijuana again in the far sou-west.) Subjects from here included, by variously truthful images (courtesy: Polaroid Corporation) were the Opera House, the Argyle Cut, Mrs Macquarie's Chair and
references were made to the surf culture and Jnternationat symbols of multi-culturalism. Blank returns on the process were credited with the intention. Creating a breathe-hold on time and belief.

A shonky radio theatre piece started the communications from Sydney - a story of an oil well disaster off the Scottish Coast. Replete with heavy Scottish accents with undertows of New York pitchman. Later live and taped sound snipes of the social interaction at John Street were further telephoned by Optus satellite. Similar snippets from Aberdeen were amplified over the live Sydney sounds. Posses ferried bundles of Aberdeen faxes over to the white wall in the hallway to which they were Blu-tacked. Shadow squads returned shade shots to be photocopied, & gently enlarged to 122%. They were then faxed, usually being set to Half tone - Dark. Who knows what arrived and who knows what might
have been sent?

What were you all doing with those noses ???