SYNAPSE Art Initiatives

The artist’s organization, Synapse Art Initiatives, was co-founded by Neil Berecry-Brown (AKA Neil Berecry) and Adrian Hall. It was incorporated as a non-profit association in 1993.
Due to changes in practice its incorporated status was eventually considered redundant, and lapsed circa 2000. However its spirit continues and many of the artists associated with Synapse continue to work together.

The Synapse Web-site was inadvertently “lost”, but surviving documentation of Synapse events will be added to this archive page as time permits.


“SYNAPSE is an agency of change that is itself infinitely changeable; an organization having an organic mutability and the flexibility to accommodate the demands of practice developing in resonance with changes in the broader social, cultural and intellectual environment.
As an organization for artists, its objectives are to initiate, develop and implement projects of creative exchange and collaboration between artists, between contemporary art disciplines and between the arts and other disciplines.
SYNAPSE is particularly interested in interdisciplinary work; projects of open and creative dialogue and exchange between different disciplines; collaborative conjunctions that act as catalysts for the possibility of change.
Our objective is to provide opportunities for artists to present to a wide public, new work that calls for a reconsideration of current practice and existing cultural paradigms.
We are interested in projects in which the art functions in symbiotic relationship with the social and cultural agencies with whom we are collaborating for the presentation, dissemination, enactment and formulation of new propositions.
We seek to create events which step outside conventional locations and which respond to the needs of artists operating in non-gallery situations and in other new art practices where context is integral to the work.”


While a significant part of the synapse experience occurred in conversational mode, some of the more structured events are documented here on the brown’s Cows site.