Synapse was developing an educational side to its activities and

a pedagogical intention was imbedded in many of its projects.

Now these concerns are being carried forward by brown’s Cows Art Projects in ways that reflect developments in the field of contemporary art, and of pedagogy.

The following statement is taken from 1994 Synapse documents.
(NLBB August 2006)




Critical, provocative, speculative, optimistic, professional and performative aspects of poetic knowing and being in research and enactment.

The manifest forms and processes of creative endeavour are informed by a multiplicity of disciplines and traditions. Development of creative culture requires deep historical
understanding, relativistic contextural analysis and the stimulus of intercultural exchange.
At an individual level it is strengthened by insights derived from self-knowledge and an
understanding of the psychological processes of imagination and cognition that drive the
research and action that we call art. This is so both in its current aspects and as it will
develop in the future.
Free participation in the complexity and diversity of cultural life, to the fullest extent of
individual concern is fundamental to realisation of both individual and collective potential.
Respect for the truthfulness and value of individual differences and an open-ended
philosophically interpretative attitude are seen as essential principles.

The objective of the Synapse Institute is to engender development of creative culture at
the highest level of endeavour through praxis based research and education; to test
assumptions, speculate and experiment with different models and to posit alternatives
through imagination and invention.
The field of creative cultural practice includes all areas of contemporary life and society.
In recognition of an intrinsic connectedness in human affairs, the Institute in its work
develops linkages between the arts, humanities, science, technology, trades, civics and
other areas of knowledge and enquiry.

The Synapse Institute supports and conducts praxis based research projects, and in doing so aims to develop innovative educational methodology appropriate to new-genre, interdisciplinary and polyvalent cultural practice.