Synapse Art Initiatives wishes to thank the many people who have contributed in so many ways to the realisation of Chimera.

Ms. Clover Moore MP, Member for Bligh.
Michael Lee MP, Federal Minister for Communications and the Arts.
Peter Collins QC MP, Government of New South Wales, Minister for the Arts.

Goethe-lnstitut Sydney, New South Wales Ministry for the Arts , Apple Computers, The British Council Sydney, Arts Development Branch, Department of Communications and the Arts, Banksia Modems, Canon Colour Copy Centre, North Sydney, Italian Institute of Culture, Anti Destination Society, Marienberg Wines, MedianWay, University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts

For their involvement and indisputable work:
Craig Baker, Lucy Bleach, Liz Coats, Tom Davis, Beverly Fielder, Linda Goodman, David Hogben, Mark Joseph, Horst Kiechle, Amanda LeGuay, Peter O'Donovan, Margaret Roberts, Ilma Ruocco, Judy Silver, David Whelan and many others.

For their past support in planning and development of the project:
Jeffrey Cook (Open Access Cable, Ltd.), Annette Clarke, Jason Gee, Richard McMillan,
Mike Leggett, Frances Thompson (Co-ordinator, ARX.), Anna Waldman (NSW Ministry for the Arts).

For their support, advice & assistance:
Ian Hunter & Celia Lamer, Projects Environment.
NAVA and Museums Australia.
RealTime, T & M Mifsud, Caterers.