Dawn Light papers

Neil Berecry-Brown
Commentary GO>


Neil Berecry-Brown
The Art of Impossible Completion GO>

Suzanne Bartos
Human Nature GO>

Liz Coats
On Making Paintings


Some Hard Copy Reading GO>

Bridie Lonie
The use-value of the 'natural' – projection and estrangement

Margaret Roberts
What is this material, live space?

Christina Shmigel
Borrowing The View From Afar GO>



Back Page GO>

Alison Clouston and Boyd GO>

Ali Bramwell: GO> GO>

Nine Dragon Heads GO>


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Relational Aesthetics

Antagonism and Relational aesthetics
Claire Bishop GO>

"Islets" and Utopia... by Nicolas Bourriaud GO>

Art and Giving

Paragraphs on Littoral Art
Bruce Barber GO>

Dialogical learning

Issues in Freirean Pedagogy
Tom Heaney GO>

Paulo Freire and the Politics of Postcolonialism
Henry Giroux GO>

Socially engaged practice

The Value of Community Arts
Interview with Andrew Brighton and Scott Rankin GO>

New Critical Centres for Art in Ireland.
Ian Hunter
Circa Art Magazine GO>

Munira Mirza's introduction to Culture Vultures: Is UK Arts Policy Damaging the Arts GO>

Contemporary Art and New Institutionalism
Claire Dogherty GO>

Collaboration in Contemporary Art
Course Outline with bibliography and links GO>

Littoral Practice: An interview with Bruce Barber and Don Simmons GO>

Dialogical Aesthetics

Dialogical Aesthetics: A Critical Framework For Littoral Art
Grant Kester GO>

Interrupt-Symposia links GO>


Studio for  Creative Inquiry. Carnegie   Mellon College  of Fine Arts GO> 

Artist as Educator Symposium. Interrupt. GO>

Copenhagen Free University GO>

Voices of Silence in Pedagogy
Angelo Caranfa GO>


Relational Sense: Towards A Haptic Æsthetics
Jennifer Fisher GO>

Art and Agriculture

The Crisis in Agriculture is a Crisis in Culture
Ian Hunter and Celia Larner GO>

Aartists and organizations

Platform GO>

Littoral GO>

Locus + GO>

Enterchange – Performance and Nature
Wallace Heim GO>

IFIMA – Jay Koh GO>

Institute of Ideas GO>

The Physics Room GO>

Critical Art Ensemble GO>


Terminus project - Nelson and Dunedin, NZ GO>

Groundworks:  Environmental Collaboration in Contemporary Art GO>

Manifesta 6 School
European Biennial of Contemporary Art GO>

Between Nature Conference – Lancaster University GO>

Interrupt Symposia GO>


Diatrope GO>

The Arts Catalyst GO>

Cultural research & Education

Toward a Radical Pedagogy
John Danvers GO>

Creativity, Culture , Education and the Workforce GO>

The Big Picture GO>

Rand Arts Research GO>

All Our Futures GO>

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